Cybermen AppearencesEdit

First Doctor StoriesEdit

The Tenth Planet

Images (61)

Cybermen n The Tenth Planet

Second Doctor StoriesEdit

The Moonbase

The Tomb of the Cybermen

The Wheel in Space

The Invasion

Fourth Doctor StoriesEdit

Revenge of the Cybermen

Fifth Doctor StoriesEdit


The Five Doctors

Sixth Doctor StoriesEdit

Attack of the Cybermen

Seventh Doctor StroriesEdit

Silver Nemesis

Dimensions in Time

Tenth Doctor StoriesEdit

Rise of the Cybermen

The Age of Steel

Army of Ghosts


The Next Doctor

Eleventh Doctor StoriesEdit

The Pandorica Opens

Closing Time

Nightmare in Silver

The Time of the Doctor 

Minor AppearencesEdit

The War Games

The Mind of Evil

Carnival of Monsters


Mawdryn Undead


Human Nature

The Eleventh Hour

The Lodger

The Big Bang

A Good Man Goes To War

The Day of the Doctor

Unnofficials & Spin-OffsEdit

Torchwood - Series 1 - Cyberwomen


Real Time

Blood of the Cybermen

More Than 30 Years in The Tardis

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