David Tennant in Doctor WhoEdit

The Parting of the Ways

The Christmas Invasion

New Earth

Tooth and Claw

School Reunion

The Girl in the Fireplace

Rise of the Cybermen

The Age of Steel

The Idiot's Lantern

The Impossible Planet

The Satan Pit

Love & Monsters

Fear Her

Army of Ghosts


The Runaway Bride

Smith and Jones

The Shakespeare Code


Daleks in Manhattan

Evolution of the Daleks

The Lazarus Experiment


Human Nature

The Family of Blood



The Sound of Drums

Last of the Time Lords

Time Crash

Voyage of the Damned

Partners in Crime

The Fires of Pompeii

Planet of the Ood

The Sontaran Stratagem

The Poison Sky

The Doctor's Daughter

The Unicorn and the Wasp

Silence in the Library

Forest of the Dead


Turn Left

The Stolen Earth

Journey's End

The Next Doctor

Planet of the Dead

The Waters of Mars

The End of Time:

Part One

Part Two

The Day of the Doctor

Archive FootageEdit

The Eleventh Hour

The Lodger

The Name of the Doctor

The Sarah Jane AdventuresEdit

The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith:

Part One

Part Two

Unofficial Doctor Who AppearancesEdit

Born Again

Music of the Spheres

Doctor Who: Tonights the Night

The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot


Episode One

Episode Two 

Episode Three

Episode Four

Episode Five

Episode Six

Series 2 Trailer

Series 3 Trailer

Series 4 Trailer

The Day of the Doctor Trailer

Attack of the Graske

The Infinite Quest

Unofficial Doctor Who - Not as The DoctorEdit

Scream of the Shalka:

Episode Five

Archive Footage in Documentaries & Other MediaEdit

A Taste of My Life

Himself in Doctor Who Documentaries and Other MediaEdit

Doctor Who: A New Dimension

CBBC eXtra

Audio - Not as The DoctorEdit


Dalek Empire III

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