Sarah Jane Smith Appearances Edit

Third Doctor Edit

The Time Warrior

Invasion of the Dinosaurs

Death to the Daleks

The Monster of Peladon

Planet of the Spiders

Fourth Doctor Edit


The Ark in Space

Genesis of the Daleks

Revenge of the Cybermen

Terror of the Zygons

Planet of Evil

Pyramids of Mars

The Android Invasion

The Brain of Morbius

The Seeds of Doom

The Masque of Mandragora

The Hand of Fear

Fifth Doctor Edit

The Five Doctors

Seventh Doctor Edit

Dimensions in Time

Tenth Doctor Edit

School Reunion

The Stolen Earth

Journey's End

The End of Time

The Sarah Jane Adventures Edit

Invasion of the Bane

K-9 & Company Edit

A Girl's Best Friend

Reeltime Pictures Edit


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