Silurian and Sea Devil AppearencesEdit

Third DoctorEdit

Doctor Who and the Silurians

The Sea Devils

Frontier in Space

Fifth DoctorEdit

Warriors of the Deep

Eleventh DoctorEdit

The Eleventh Hour The Hungry Earth

Cold Blood

The Pandorica Opens

A Good Man Goes to War

The Wedding of River Song

Dinosaurs on a Spaceship

The Snowmen

The Crimson Horror

The Name of the Doctor

Unofficials & ShortsEdit

Doctor Who Live: The Monsters are Coming

Doctor Who: The Proms 2013

The Battle of Demons Run: Two Days Later

The Great Detective

Vastra Invastigates



Audio Spin-OffsEdit

U.N.I.T: The Coup

U.N.I.T: The Wasting

Bernice SummerfieldEdit

The Poison Seas


Destiny of the Doctors

Evacuation Earth

The Eternity Clock

The Mazes of Time

Worlds in Time

Doctor Who: Legacy


The Scales of Injustice

Blood Heat

Happy Endings

Eternity Weep

The Silurian Gift


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