The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot CastEdit

Actor Character in The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot Role for or Character in Doctor Who
Sean Pertwee Himself Jon Pertwee's Son
Olivia Colman Herself Mother
Peter Davison Himself The Fifth Doctor
Louis Davison Himself Peter Davison's Son
Joel Davison Himself Peter Davison's Son
Matt Smith Himself The Eleventh Doctor
Jenna Coleman Herself Clara Oswald
Steven Moffat Himself Excecutive Producer & Head Writer Since 2010
Hedii-Joy Taylor - Welch Herself Runner & 3rd Assistant Director
Louisa Cavell Herself Assistant Director
Lauren Kilcar Herself
James DeHaviland Himself 2nd Assistant Director
Janet Fielding Herself Tegan Jovanka
Sylvester McCoy Himself The Seventh Doctor
Colin Baker Himself The Sixth Doctor
Rhys Thomas Himself
Georgia Moffett Herself Jenny & Cassie in Dreamland, Peter Davison's Daughter and Wife of David Tennant
Olivia Darnley Herself

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