The Eighth Doctor AdventuresEdit

Series 1Edit

Blood of the Daleks - Part One

Blood of the Daleks - Part Two

Horror of Glam Rock

Immortal Beloved


No More Lies

Human Resources - Part 1

Human Resources - Part 1

Series 2Edit

Dead London

Max Warp

Brave New Town

The Skull of Sobek

Grand Theft Cosmos

The Zygon Who Fell to Earth

Sisters of the Flame

Vengeance of Morbius

Series 3Edit



The Beast of Orlok

Wirrn Dawn

The Scapegoat

The Cannibalists

The Eight Truths

Worldwide Web

Series 4Edit

Death in Blackpool

Situation Vacant


The Book of Kells


The Ressurection of Mars

Relative Dimensions

Prisoners of the Sun

Lucie Miller

To The Death

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