The Lost StoriesEdit

Series 1Edit

The Nightmare Fair

Mission to Magnus


The Hollows of Time

Paradise 5 

Point of Entry

The Song of Megaptera

The Macros

Series 2Edit

The First Doctor Boxset

  • Farewell Great Macedon
  • The Fragile Yellow Arc of Fragrance

The Second Doctor Boxset

  • Prison in Space
  • The Destroyers

Thin Ice

Crime of the Century                                                                                                                                     


Earth Aid

Fourth Doctor Lost StoriesEdit

The Fourth Doctor Boxset

  • The Foe from the Future
  • The Valley of Death

Series 3Edit

The Elite


The Children of Seth

The Guardians of Prophecy

Power Play

The First Sontarans

The Masters of Luxor

The Rosemariners

Series 4Edit

The Dark Planet

The Queen of Time

Lords of the Red Planet

The Mega

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